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Malcolm McKinnon


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone: 1-604-240-5538

I’m an Oxford MBA with 25 years of professional experience managing challenging projects with a similar strategy: solid research, financial model, operational changes, and change management. From leading ERP implementation projects, to piloting new processes, to launching products, my experience is diverse by industry and experience.

I’ve negotiated third party services like manufacturing and logistics and integrated them with technology, marketing, and customer service all in the name of launching a product. I’ve unstuck service companies and helped them scale up to 5 times their original size – all while improving their profitability by introducing more efficient processes leveraging technology.

I’ve been a VP IT of a building materials distribution company and helped shepherd it from just under $500M in revenue and a ROCE of under 0% to just over $1B in revenue and a ROCE approaching 20% in 4 years. This was a blend of mergers and acquisitions and profitability improvement.

I’ve designed and secured the pilot customer for a new business model for a consumer health SAAS product and been a CIO for hire for a US medical billing analysis company and reconstructed a medical billing company’s process for ultimate sale.

Professional Skills

Leads online product launches from napkin to launch and provides best practices to coordinate everything from product design and manufacturing through to customer support and refund management.

Manages large ERP implementations with clear business mandate that meet a business’s critical operational requirements.

Conducts process reengineering analysis and deployment across industries (retail, distribution, manufacturing; building materials, pharmaceuticals and supplements, medical billing, medical data management and health care).

Builds customer and product profitability models that act as the foundation for business turnarounds.

Professional Highlights
  • Implemented new processes to turnaround businesses
  • Project managed many large technology implementations
  • Led the launch of over 60 products
  • CIPS CIO of the year nominee
  • Oxford MBA
  • 15 years running a boutique consulting business.
  • Provided consulting and technical services to:
    • CanWel
    • BC Diabetes
    • Servco Service Group
    • Apache Health

Avantage’s SLMaaS is specifically designed to help organizations control, manage and maintain software licensing compliance without adding resources or expensive toolsets.​ We have extensive experience helping businesses maximize their IT investments in the following key areas of Software License Management.

  • Licensing Compliance
  • Policies and Governance
  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Audit Defence
  • Licensing Strategy
  • Strategic Sourcing