Trevor Kray

Trevor Kray

Trevor Kray

Managing Partner

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone: 1-604-817-1417

For over 20 years, I’ve used my experience in business, software and consulting to drive innovation and improve how organizations operate.  Aright after business school I started working in noe of the family businesses, where I learned the “operators perspective” and had the benefit of being trained across many business functions early in my career.. This was when I realized the power of technology and learned to use it to create a competitive advantage in a traditional industry.  As it turned out, it transformed a small company into an industry force and helped it grow from 5 to 70+ locations.

Eventually I moved on to building and financing disruptive tech start-ups
and ran a boutique investment and advisory firm that provided corporate finance, strategy and development services for early stage technology companies.

The next 10 years focused on working at some of the biggest tech firms including SAP and Microsoft, where I helped large enterprise customers improving business processes, productivity and overall performance using by understanding the business drivers. This approach helped many industry leaders to streamline business performance and maximize investments.

In 2014, I saw an opportunity to ride the next wave of change in professional and management services, so I joined avantage.  Now, I get to use all of my collective experience to help our clients select the best technology platforms for their needs and then deliver practical solutions to better align investment to the outcomes they need.  Please contact me if there is something I may be able to help you with.

Professional Skills

Provides critical thinking and practical solutions.

Works with global, complex organizations and mid level to senior executives.

Specializes in business planning, workshop facilitation and negotiations.

Aligns business strategy, people, technology and execution capabilities.

Manages complex relationships, risk and opportunties.

Builds high performance teams, committees and boards.

Professional Highlights
  • 20 years of business, software and consulting experience.
  • Managed one of the largest IT Outsources in Canada.
  • Held several board and industry body positions
  • Lead winning over $135M in contracts.
  • Worked at:
    • Microsoft
    • Telus
    • SAP

Avantage’s SLMaaS is specifically designed to help organizations control, manage and maintain software licensing compliance without adding resources or expensive toolsets.​ We have extensive experience helping businesses maximize their IT investments in the following key areas of Software License Management.

  • Licensing Compliance
  • Policies and Governance
  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Audit Defence
  • Licensing Strategy
  • Strategic Sourcing